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Leave any praise or concerns here. He is still a fairly new muse so if you prefer not to talk to me on AIM just comment here~ But I can be told as well over AIM I like crit as long as it's logical and not just flamming.
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Info on Bel & what he's carrying )

Current Party

Move Set:
Quick Attack
Absol | Dark | Super Luck
Disaster Pokémon
LvL .20 | ♀ | Naughty
Thoughts: First Pokemon and seems to share the like of causing trouble like his master.
「Favorite flavor: spicy; Disliked flavor: bitter.」

Move Set:
Focus Energy
Double Kick
Poison Sting
Nidorino | Poison | Rivalry
Poison Pin Pokémon
LvL .17 | ♂ | Serious
Thoughts: Found the thing when it was stuck in a tree's a little special. He also has a bite mark in his ear he must have received from a predator.
Shortly after it evolved and seems to like Bel for some reason...
「Favorite flavor: sweet; Disliked flavor: bitter.」

Move Set
Wrap, Leer, Thunder Wave, Twister, Dragon Rage, Slam, Agility, Dragon Tail, Aqua Tail, Dragon Rush, Safeguard, Dragon Dance, Outrage
Dragonair | Dragon | Shed Skin
Dragon Pokémon
LvL .65 | ♀ | Naughty
Thoughts: Given back by Killua Seems to act a lot like Bel~「Favourite flavour: spicy; Disliked flavour: sweet.」

Move Set
Scratch, Defense Curl, Sand Attack, Poison Sting, Rapid Spin, Swift, Fury Swipes, Rollout, Crush Claw, Fury Cutter, Sand Tomb
Sandslash | Ground | Sand Veil
Mouse Pokémon
LvL .39 | ♂ | Bold
Thoughts: Got it as a gift from a trainer, it seems to be more of the loyal type and tends to turn his nose up to Bel's Actions.「Favourite flavour: sour; Disliked flavour: spicy.」

Move Set
Tail Whip, Roar, Quick Attack, Fire Spin, Confuse Ray
Vulpix | Fire | Flash Fire
Fox Pokémon
LvL .19 | ♀ | Sassy
Thoughts: She is stuck up and Prissy as hell and Bel just lets her have her way.
「Favourite flavour: Bitter; Disliked flavour: Sweet.」

Move Set
Scratch, leer, pursuit, fake tears
Zorua | Dark | Illusion
Tricky Fox Pokémon
LvL .10 | ♂ | Mild
Thoughts: He loves to copy Bel’s form and trick everyone that meets the two, though his favorite is to see how far he can push boss.
「Favourite flavour: Dry; Disliked flavour: Sour.」

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Boooosss...can we do something soon?

[Sitting in the view of the video is a extremely bored Belphegor. And a bored Bel is an dangerous one. Still he sits with his Zorua sleeping on his lap as he pets the think in an easy fashion.]

Maybe I should battle someone...

[A grin comes over his face as he pick the Zorua up and it looks annoyed at him.]

Ushishishi~ Trucco, wanna battle~?

[The Zorua smirks then and nods it's head.]


((ooc: I return! And Bel doesn't know he's being recorded~ Feel free to bug him~))

Attack 1

Dec. 28th, 2011 12:16 am
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[The screen flickered on and a rather wide grin took up the screen before it pulls back and a face is revealed. Shaggy blond hair hid his eyes as he looks into the screen and over the device, obviously amused for some reason that no one can guess. The prince throws the device into the air and catches it quickly, causing any image on the screen to be distorted for a moment, letting it then focus back on his face.]

Shishi~ this isn’t my room. I can assume that either Boss made us move or Fran is playing a trick.

[There is a deadly serious tone to his voice now, but the eerie smile still remains.]

If you did this Fran, I’m going to cut you up and leave you there to bleed on the floor.

[Belphegor waits for few moment, when he doesn’t hear a response he begins to get annoyed. Looking over the room he grits his teeth lightly.]


[A sound behind him cuts him off as he quickly looks at the strange animal.]

...what the fuck are you?



[Glaring at the device again he makes it very clear that he is serious, all the while the pokemon comes more into the picture.]

When I find you Fran, you're dead.


Ushishishishi~ Seems this thing agrees!


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